Portable Mesh Nebulizer


light weight , palm size,
In-built rechargeable battery, you can use it anywhere. Ideal for children and elderly.

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Portable Mesh Nebulizer: Model: EQ-MN-86

  1. In-built rechargeable battery
  2. Smart control
  3. Silent operation
  4. Nebulization rate >0.3 ml/min
  5. Superfine particle 1 ̴ 5 µm
  6. Medication cup capacity: 6 ml
  7. Light weight (40g) and palm size (39*62*68 mm)
  8. Detachable head for easy cleaning and maintenance
  9. Use it anywhere, home, car, plane…
  10. Ideal for children and elderly
  11. Special design to avoid mistake pushing

It contains:

  • 2 masks (child , adult)
  • Headband
  • USB cable
  • Mouth piece

How to use:

  • Add medicine in the chamber.
  • Turn on the power: double press the ‘power button’ and the power indicator will light (blue) constantly.
  • Inhalation: hold the nebulizer in your hand stably and start inhalation (it can be attached to the head without being held by hand).
  • Turn off the power: the nubulizer shuts off automatically after the medication is depleted. Or if you wish to halt the treatment, press the ‘power button’ to turn the power off, the power indicator light will go out.

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